Digi 002 R & Pro Tools LE multitrack recording station
Digi 002 R & Pro Tools LE multitrack recording station
Idea of such a configuration is to directly record in a Pro Tools LE 6.9 multitrack session, without Time Code ability, for example for music live recording.

Digidesign Digi 002 Rack, connected through Firewire to Mac mini, 1.42 GHz with 1 GB SDRam DDR333, internal 80 GB hard drive, DVD burner under Mac OS X, offers four mike inputs with phantom and high-pass filters on XLR3, eight line inputs and eight analog line outputs on symetrical Jack 1/4". Two optical ADAT connectors offering eight digital inputs/outputs, two RCA SPDIF input/output, three MIDI DIN 5 pins connectors and a monitor facility in front complete this very general-purpose interface with high quality 24 bits/96 Khz converters.

Pro Tools 6.9 software offers 32 tracks of simultaneous recording and playback, 128 24 bits/96 Khz virtual tracks, 256 MIDI tracks. The sessions thus created are compatible with Pro Tools TDM for a studio remastering.

The whole system is currently available for rental at a 87 euro daily rate.
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