Still unlike its competitors, all DCA PMI controlled outputs are equipped with floating-ground output converters, thus guaranteeing a better immunity against interactions of devices power supplies and so a better immunity against audible interferences likely to result.

It goes without saying that primary power can be provided by batteries or mains (from 110 to 220 V AC), and that switch from one power source to the other is automatic and quiet, as soon as mains are absent or present. In this last case, battery fast charge starts automatically, guaranteeing complete charge in less than three hours, independently of simultaneous devices consumption.

A remote makes it possible to control condition of the eight outputs and to visualize their normal operating, as well as the remaining battery capacity.

The unit measures 30 cm X 20 cm X 10 cm and weights 3.5 kg. It is assembled on a radiator insuring good heat dissipation even under difficult climatic conditions.
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