Vergnet Hydro Village Water Pump ©  Angel Trinity
Vergnet Hydro Village Water Pump © Angel Trinity
Calais Migrants Camp © Peter Nicholls/Reuters - 2015
Calais Migrants Camp © Peter Nicholls/Reuters - 2015
20th century has bequeathed to his children mastering of Electricity, PC and Internet.

It's up to them to get rid of fossil fuels, and invent the generation and storage of electricity from resources whose exploitation does not endanger species.

Yes indeed, 21st century man is connected, anywhere and any time: it's a need created from scratch by economical powers and this need has become socially as vital as water is to body.

But this requires electricity, a form of energy that we can't store but through a chemical medium: the accumulator.

Accumulators, and batteries of accumulators, are an imperfect means of storage because they have a poor ratio of energy to mass or volume and a poor storage ability over time.

However, since the lead acid battery, over a century old and still in use, new and more efficient storage media, chemistries, have emerged. And, pushed by the above mentioned economical powers, industry is racing to even more effective chemistries.

And is making us more captive of proprietary technologies.

If we don't accept this diktat, we'll have to create for our on set applications an UPS compatible with any past, present and future chemistry. And any capacity as well.

Very little power hungry by itself.

A programmable UPS that can manage, for any defined chemistry and capacity, discharge and charge cycles, and can estimate remaining energy and time, whatever the battery.

An UPS which would not or little contribute to on set warming, if not to global.

An UPS free from a complex programming process.

Quite a huge task.

To be continued...
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