Philippe Chenevez 1996 first suspension draw
Philippe Chenevez 1996 first suspension draw
Cinela 2005 suspended basket lost patent
Cinela 2005 suspended basket lost patent
Not a child construction game!
Not a child construction game!
At our first meeting, his appearance did not go unnoticed: some sort of romantic virtuoso on piano or violin, in whom already appeared, in the distracted look and the inspired hair, the sign of dreams and fantasy.

Over 90% of the general public trusts the researchers, as shown by an Ipsos poll; citizens expect full scientific integrity from the researcher.

In 1974, Unesco wrote that "scientific research requires, from researchers who perform it, integrity and maturity, allied to eminent moral and intellectual qualities"; this is the case with Philippe Chenevez.

He has an interest for the arts which is not that far from his job. Creation is an essential ingredient of research. Science and art are closely related fields. And Philippe Chenevez can be considered as an artist.

His creations are now known and appreciated all over the world: “Osix”, “Zephyx”, “Piano” and now his new baby “Pianissimo”.

The studies to achieve the first prototype of this Pianissimo lasted nearly two years and the result is a great success, both technically and commercially. As Philippe Chenevez puts it so well:
"No need to worry while you resolve a problem. But, once it is solved, time to worry has come."

His main competitor, Rycote, sitting on their laurels for years, with little change in their range, suddenly realized that the "upscale" market was slipping away from them. At IBC then at SATIS, Rycote presented their new Cyclone windscreen. At first glance, it looks like a chubby “Piano” but it was impossible to try it. It was just for viewing pleasure!

How then to not think about the French saying "When it’s fishy, something is hidden".

You always know the lion by his claw. Passion, with Philippe Chenevez, is a certainty, while our generation singularly lacked passion.

Cinema was a substitute for it. It was our catechism, our playground. May be it was a way to get away from the essential. There is no harm in that. It served as sentimental education. Who is to blame?

We must never forget that cinema is a country that does not exist; it is not on any map.

For this new year 2015 DC Audiovisuel wishes you to realize all your wishes and make real your innermost dreams.

NAB 2014 - Cinela @ Trew Audio
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