Happy New Year 2005
Happy New Year 2005
No one can tell.

We live in an empty space where the most complex and most elaborate communication networks have been created. Each one occupies by itself a whole planet but messages never reach their destination...
This is why, in 2004, we have designed a modest Internet site to try to forge a bond between sound mixers, strange, lonesome and whithdrawn, as well as with film school students, while providing latest technical knowledge about sound-recording and post-production equipment.
Maybe the puff of the Cantar wind will tear off everything, transform everything from production sound recording to post-production. There has been a real craze for the Cantar during the last three month of 2004. Many sound mixers have come to contemplate, test, and understand the philosophy of this funny machine called Cantar.
Some even succeed in imposing use of shooting and editing techniques, which was unbelievable a few months ago. Such a craze did not happen since the appearance of the Nagra IV-S, in the early Seventies. But perhaps they come to get information only per non parer troppo coglione in front of their colleagues. Who knows?

We take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy New Year.
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