Pathé Beaugrenelle 10-theater multiplexe
Pathé Beaugrenelle 10-theater multiplexe
A single movie theater who disappears is not replaced by the 10 theaters of a multiplex located in a huge shopping mall, where viewers go in groups, and where the group decides which program to choose. The choice is always the best-known film, which is also the most easily assimilated, the more conventional.

Multiplexes lead to a standardization of consumption, also encouraged by the system of membership cards and other loyalty cards. The law is no longer that of supply and demand, but of a unique offer, to which the audience has no other choice but to comply.

Thirty films, on 600 shown in France, gather 50% of the entries, but between 50% and 60% of films make less than 50.000 entries: audience goes see more and more big-budget films.

People who extolled yesterday the incredible merits of giant screens, now apply to promote the distribution of films on the screens of smartphones. In "Shoot the Piano Player", Truffaut makes sing Michèle Mercier that "television is a cinema where you can go staying at home," we must now resolve to consider that "the cinema is a television that one can look out of home”, for example in transport.

We must laugh at this! Laugh and watch "MASH" which is the last comedy that obtained the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1970. Robert Altman placed the cinema above all else. He told his wife and children "if I had to choose between you and my work, I’d let you down in the second." A story summarizes the director, he had suggested to Paul Newman to create together a company using the first half of his name and the second half of the name of the actor. It was called Altman Company!

Sometimes the cinema succeeds in being an art. There are days when what happens on the screen seems more important than what may occur in real life. As with "Of Gods and Men" which belongs to the category of perfect unique films. How can we forget the image of these monks seated at a large table, listening to "Swan Lake", while drinking Burgundy in pyrex glasses.

Suddenly I realize a dreadful detail. For a long time the cinema was a way not to age. I wonder if it is not, now, the only way not to die.

DC Audiovisuel wish you a wonderful year in twenty-four frames per second.
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