Bellasky Hotel in Copenhagen
Bellasky Hotel in Copenhagen
DPA d:vote
DPA d:vote
DPA Mikes Range
DPA Mikes Range
DPA d:facto II vs competitors
DPA d:facto II vs competitors
So, our technical manager boarded the plane for Copenhagen.

Shortly after takeoff, the French group was formed ... "Radio France, Texen, Tapages, Le Puy du Fou, Realisason"... all familiar faces, even friends. The arrival at the airport in Copenhagen was indicated by a 10° drop in temperature, and a strange language that the taxi driver tried to teach us ...

The arrival at the hotel warmed our minds ... With its stunning lines and a gigantic wind turbine, the Bellasky is a work of art unto itself. The lobby, thoroughly modern, greeted us, occupied by the cream of the professional audio world.

Carlsberg beer in hand, we listen the CEO of CCA, Christian Poulsen, explain how the stay will take place and decked out on us a DPA badge, labeled "France 3 Gr." Badge that will only strengthen the ties between the members of the French group.

After a night's sleep in a fabulous room, and a hearty breakfast, this Thursday begins with a presentation in one of the conference rooms of Bellasky complex.

The DNA of DPA was delivered to us, with a giant Powerpoint presentation in support. Patterns and curves follow one another.

Ole Moesman (R & D manager) and Mikkel Nymand (Product Manager) praise the qualities of their microphones and explain their technical choices. The focus is on the series "d: facto II".

The system "d: facto II", a vocal stage mic, is shown and explained, assisted by response curves projected on a giant screen The choice to produce a flattened super-cardioid capsule enables the "d: facto II" to capture a voice "in the diffuse field," up to 90° off-axis, very precise and without tone loss. The rear lobe, with no 10 kHz band, in a very linear way, limits the "hooks". No more acoustic feedback!

This was followed by manufacturing technique presentation, directions and aspirations of the firm, brilliantly presented by the DPA team.

Once the breakfast swallowed, cum laude, we were transported by bus to the production unit, located at Asnaes

After passing through a "press room", with the full range of DPA microphones on display, we discover, by group, during the factory tour, an army of young women, clung behind their binoculars, who cut, weld and assemble the "4060" capsules, entirely handmade. Photos are banned! The secrets are revealed to us, but you will not be made aware, needless to say!

The workshops exude calm and cleanliness. An exceptional care emerges from the production. The checkpoints end the chain of a flawless organization.

The day was concluded by a giant barbecue, under a marquee for 120 people, right outside the factory. Honors for the meal, and for the Chilean wine!

Returning to the hotel at 21, we visited Copenhagen at night, and tied strong ephemeral links with "nocturnal wildlife"... After a short night, and a delicious breakfast, the bus, with the cry "Move That Bus" carried us at the Nørrebro Theatre in Copenhagen.

In this theatre and concert hall, a jazz band was waiting for us. A half-dozen microphones were lined up, ready to face our critic. Sennheiser, Neumann KMS, Shure Beta and SM.

The comparative unanimously decided in favor of "d: facto II" from DPA. Singing orientation, pop rejection, feedback elimination ... The "d: II facto" is a very good stage mic.

The other part of the workshop involved DPA microphones placements on a battery and then on a piano. A very rewarding and pleasant experience!

After a quick but delicious sandwich and a beer brewed just steps from the theater, the bus took us to Allerød, and manufacturer headquarters where in the R & D department, we took part in five workshops, presented by the thinking heads of DPA themselves.

Choice of headsets or lavaliers for increased efficiency, lavalier placement, wind and "pop" suppression techniques, "d: facto II" capsule tests, wired or on various wireless transmitters, directivity test in reverberation chamber...

A game of table football between France and a Danish-German team concluded this wonderful day. On the bus that took us to the airport, we shared our views on the DPA products range and assessed the warm hospitality offered by this fine company and their dealers.

Thank you to DPA, Christian, Michael, Anne ... Thank you to Didier and Christophe from Audio 2, for this wonderful trip.
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