Technicolor saves the technical film industries
Technicolor saves the technical film industries
Technicolor (formerly Thomson, which bought the Technicolor brand in 2001, and subsequently adopted its name in 2010) will pay € 800 000 for repossession of assets, and shall provide an additional three million to recapitalize the three companies.

In addition, the buyer agrees to maintain 70 percent of employment, i.e. slightly more than fifty people.

Finally, projects are under way for the repossession of activities and skills of Duboi Company, but also of some of Duran assets.

As for LTC and its 115 employees, the information is contradictory, depending on sources, but it seems that everything in the field of photochemical gets left behind.

These asset purchases by Quinta give reason to hope for a revival of technical industries in France, and a stop to this ever more disturbing social bloodletting, since the loss of industries announces the death of French cinema and the outsourcing of filming.
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Et la liquidation des actifs de Quinta Industries continue à grands pas, le Tribunal de Commerce de Nanterre a retenu Eclair Group pour reprendre Cinéstéréo. (source AFSI et Film Français)

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