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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable beginning 25 May 2018. The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 was also transcribed into French law on 20 June 2018. Its purpose is to protect the European citizens and residents personal data and to give them control over their own data.

DC Audiovisuel respects the confidentiality of your personal data.

Website uses the HTTPS protocol with SSL encryption.
Passwords are encrypted in the database.
This one is protected with a strictly limited access.
The data are under no circumstances transmitted to third parties.
They are visible only to us and yourself.

DC Audiovisuel website does not use neither cookies, other than session cookies, nor trackers.

The data stored are those you have typed at the time of your registration:
- Quality, first name, last name, email address, (company name).
- Address, phone(s), password, registration date.
And those you have entered later:
- Additional address book.
- Archived equipment and/or supplies wishlists.
- Saved estimate pdf files.
- Products or news comments.
As well as last login date on the website.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter or discussion list, you can unsubscribe directly after login at:

To delete all your personal data from our servers, including your personal information, address book, newsletter and discussion list subscriptions, equipment and/or supplies archived wishlists, saved pdf estimate files, products or news comments and last login date, please go to:

and click the Delete my account link.

Carefull! Once it is confirmed, this action cannot be cancelled. All the above detailed data will be permanently deleted.

You can also send an email to:

webmaster (at)

or a postal letter to:

DC Audiovisuel
Service Informatique
3 rue Edmond Roger
F-75015 PARIS

Please specify your contact details and the email address used for registration.

Your personal data will then be deleted as soon as possible after verification of your identity.

DC Audiovisuel wishes to keep you among its faithful visitors and thanks you in advance.