SENNHEISER EW 100 G3 RF Set + Lavalier
SENNHEISER EW 100 G3 RF Set + Lavalier
In a nutshell

The Sennheiser EW 100-P G3 RF set includes a SK 100 G3 transmitter and an EK 100 G3 adaptive diversity receiver, and is supplied with a Sanken COS-11 capsule with mini jack connector. Cost-effective, the 100 G3 series delivers reliable RF connections to musicians, institutional videographers, enlightened amateurs and semi-professionals.

The set consists of a transmitter and a pocket receiver, and offers up to 12 frequency presets on a 42 MHz UHF band with up to 1680 frequencies, LCD displays for adjustments, a "Mute" function and low battery indications by blinking LEDs. The transmitter and the receiver are each powered by two LR6 batteries.

The receiver EK 100 G3 is on "adaptive diversity". It uses the ground of the audio cable as the second receiving antenna. An adjustable squelch function with a Pilot Tone signal emitted by the transmitter mutes the sound at the receiver output when the RF transmission is deteriorated.

Unlike the EK 500 or EK 2000 receivers, the EK 100 receiver does not have an additional mini jack output for headphone listening and has less possibility of frequency settings with narrower bandwidth. Its audio bandwidth is smaller than that of the EK 2000.

Our recommendations

This system certainly does not offer the quality and transparency of a professional set but is widely used in tight budget reporting configurations, when a good and small quality microphone such as the Sanken COS-11 is used.

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