SENNHEISER DW 800i Intercom with CC 550 Headsets
SENNHEISER DW 800i Intercom with CC 550 Headsets
SENNHEISER CC 550 Headset Mike
SENNHEISER CC 550 Headset Mike
In a nutshell

Sennheiser DW 800i is a wireless intercom system, developed from office communication equipments produced by Sennheiser. It is a DECT (digital wireless) system with 1.8 GHz carrier frequency, 250 mw transmit power, maximum effective range is 100 meters ; battery provides six hour powering.

Quite user-friendly, system is made up of 5 units, 1 master and 4 slave receivers. An embedded firmware automatically identifies master-unit and slave-units, at first use. "Dynamic Volume" function controls monitoring level, according to incoming audio-signal level. Push-to-talk function (PTT) enables the user to speak while pushing the button, whereby releasing mutes the microphone.

It can connect to any audio equipment. DW 800i intercom is perfect for shoots that do not need sophisticated intercom systems, like HME or TELEX. Installation is very fast and can be done without any knowledge of intercom.

Different headsets can be used, according to need. We provide the system with Sennheiser CC 550 mic headset.

Our recommendations

Sennheiser DW 800i weak point is certainly the unsafe connection between receiver and its charging base. In fact, one must carefully check proper engaging of the unit on its base, otherwise charging would not be carried out properly.

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