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COMTEK M-72 + 3 PR-72b Receivers + Headphones

Day Rental
40.00 EUR
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Radio monitoring set 1 tranmitter w. 3 receivers (170 MHz) & 3 Sony MDR-301LP headphones

In a few words

Comtek 72 (radio set with Comtek M-72 and Comtek PR-72 b) was the first wireless monitoring system to appear on the market, more than 15 years ago. It broadcasts on the VHF band. The transmitter is single channel and receivers are provided with a plug-in tuning quartz. In spite of their plastic case, transmitter and receiver are very sturdy; they are small and user-friendly. Receiver uses mono headphone cable as antenna and it is turned on inserting the minijack. Because of its limited bandwidth, dynamics and VHF reach, some people prefer more recent monitoring systems. Nevertheless the Comtek 72 system has remarkable 10 hour charge and is quite battery efficient. It is also often used for wireless time code transmission (time code slate).
Our recommendations:
- Use of VHF band reduces range and wave penetration, compared to UHF system. Moreover, electromagnetic radiations (no screening on transmitter) are more difficult to block and can disturb nearby equipment, like Nagra IV-S or DAT recorder. Sometimes it is necessary to find a less polluting position for transmitter.
- Comtek 72 system remarkable long charge makes it possible to reuse Audio Ltd transmitter 9V batteries which have been changed for safety.
This product is commonly named: Comtek M-72, Comtek M 72, Comtek M72, M-72, M 72, M72, Comtek PR-72b, Comtek PR 72b, Comtek PR72b, Comtek PR-72-b, Comtek PR 72-b, Comtek PR72-b, Comtek PR-72 b, Comtek PR 72 b, Comtek PR72 b, Comtek PR-72, Comtek PR 72, Comtek PR72, M-72, M 72, M72, PR-72b, PR 72b, PR72b, PR-72-b, PR 72-b, PR72-b, PR-72 b, PR 72 b, PR72 b, PR-72, PR 72, PR72
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